In a stunning comeback, years of hate and bullying later, Riyan Parag is likened to Suryakumar Yadav.

After six years, Riyan Parag has been involved in the Indian Premier League. Since 2019, he has played in seven or more matches in every season; starting in 2020, he played in more than ten in three consecutive seasons. That is a lot for a player betway india whose strike rate throughout the first five years was in the early 120s and whose average was centered around 18.

It didn’t help that he had an arrogant, carefree attitude. He became the favorite target of social media trolls due to his frequent underperformance and violent behavior on the field. Though they remained upbeat on the field, they feasted each time Parag returned empty-handed. For a whole five years, this went on.

Huge props to the owners and team dafabet management of the Rajasthan Royals. They had plenty of chances to cast Parag aside, yet they continued to support him year after year. What relatively few saw, they saw. In a fiercely competitive franchise setting where major international players are sometimes determined by two games, the Royals spent five years investing in a losing asset. Eventually, in 2024, it has begun to yield rewards, and how

«He [Parag] reminds me a little bit of Surya [Suryakumar Yadav], who visited Mumbai a few years ago,» the writer said. He has extraordinary talent, judging by the way he looks. RR’s bowling coach Shane Bond stated at the press conference following the team’s victory over MI that despite being just 22 years old, the player had already shown signs of maturity.

During his nine-year tenure with the Mumbai-based MI from 2015 onwards, Bond was instrumental in the development of bowling abilities at the team. This year, he moved to Jaipur.

After signing with MI in 2011, Suryakumar played for the Kolkata Knight Riders for four years (2014–17) before returning to Mumbai in 2018. After a recent surgery, he is recuperating.

While other clubs have seasoned international players in that role, Bond claimed that Parag had to play my 11 circle login the role of a finisher in the IPL at a young age.

«Riyan started so young, you forget he was 17 or so, batting at one of the hardest positions in a No. 6 batting lineup. He remarked, «You look at the players who finish games around the IPL; they’re usually pretty experienced guys.»

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